What’s the difference between motivation and accountability and what’s the difference between those who apply it and those that don’t? How do we break through the monotony, the apathy and the autocracy to achieve our goals? The answers lie in us and us alone. Oh, and Life Hacks are back!

“Yes, that’s right. Sometimes accountability will pretend to be motivation. It’s a sneaky little trick that convinces many of us that to achieve success in our goals, we just need someone else to come and check to make sure we did what we said we would. The ruse works for a while because the accountability does add an element of urgency and excitement, mostly because we don’t want to feel shame or regret when we haven’t followed through. But eventually, the novelty wears off, and we don’t care as much about meeting the approval of others. Then, the gig is up, accountability’s true identity is revealed, and we’re left with the realization that to keep making progress, we have to look away from others and towards ourselves.” – Heather Fuselier



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Motivation vs. Accountability: They Work Best Together by Heather Fuselier


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