In this episode, Damo and Mark ask another big question… why? Why are we here, why do we agonise over decisions no matter how big or small and why, as humans, we always seem to want more than we need? Also, Weasels, Stoats, Hadron Colliders, Viagra, TikTok and a surprise blast from the past for Mark!



Damo & Mark


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This is where we like to keep all the references and links to what we’ve talked about in this episode.

Large Hadron Collider Facts: Impressive Stats On The Machine Searching For The God Particle

The day a weasel shut down CERN

Stoat or weasel? How to tell the difference

We can’t say if Test and Trace has cost more than the Channel Tunnel—yet

The Pembrokeshire Murders: How a Bullseye appearance implicated the real-life killer John Cooper

Why Existentialism is the Only Philosophy That Makes Any Sense

How the Word “Should” Can be Harmful and 3 Empowering Alternatives

Simon Sinek

What causes greed and how can we deal with it?


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